An areal photo of the Select design headquareters in vermont.

Select Design

Select Design leveraged expert collaboration to launch a pioneering e-commerce application, enhancing user engagement and operational efficiency. The project exemplifies innovation and strategic partnership, setting new standards in the e-commerce industry.

Select Design successfully launched a cutting-edge e-commerce procurement application in December 2020, achieving a significant milestone in digital commerce. The initiative harnessed a synergistic partnership with leading industry experts to enhance our internal capabilities, centering on the creation of a user-centric interface designed to effectively meet complex business demands.

The Ridiculous Engineering team worked closely with their client to fully grasp the essential requirements for the project, efficiently translating them into a practical and interactive front-end UI. This collaborative effort was characterized by a fruitful exchange of ideas, ensuring the design perfectly matched the client's vision. The development phase culminated in the creation of a clickable prototype, effectively showcasing the application's functionality and visual appeal.

The final product not only met but exceeded client expectations, setting a new standard for user engagement and operational efficiency in the e-commerce sector. The successful completion of this project underscores Select Design's commitment to innovative solutions and strategic partnerships that drive client success.

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