Ridiculous Engineering is your E-Commerce, Adtech, Design, and Business Solutions Provider.

Our Services

We made the creation, management, and deployment of Prebid configurations Ridiculously easy! Free to try. Only pay when you go live!

Software Development
Need that In-house tool built!
Just need a hand on a large project! 
We got you covered.

Team Augmentation
Need an extra hand or two? We can supply additional resources to help solve your roadblocks.

Some of our wonderful clients who we are ridiculously passionate about

Our Expertise

A successful project is built with a successful team.

Which is why we provide you with the human resources to realize your vision. We believe in creating success with you, leaving your organization stronger after every project, and building trust for your future projects.

  • Advertising & Marketing Technology
  • Custom Engineering Solutions
  • E-Commerce & Mobile E-Commerce
  • Graphic Design (Print & Digital)
  • Website Design & Implementation
  • Analytics Solutions (GDPR, CCPA, FPRA Compliance)
  • Infrastructure Management Solutions
  • Business Analysis & Project Management

Our Team

We move swiftly and creatively without hierarchy and bureaucracy, so that we can keep our focus on your goals and vision.

CEO & Founder
Paul Ramos

COO & Founder
Patrizia Marziali

CTO & Founder
Patrick Lanigan