A drone in flight, carrying an antennae array payload beneath it. The drone has multiple rotors and is a large, professional-grade model designed for heavy lifting or specialized tasks. In the foreground, a person wearing a high-visibility vest with "FAA" and "Certified Remote Pilot" written on the back is controlling the drone. The background features an open, barren landscape with distant hills, suggesting a test or training area.

Aerobotics 7

Pioneering Landmine Detection

In a groundbreaking project that underscores the power of technology for humanitarian efforts, Ridiculous Engineering teamed up with Aerobotics 7, creators of the world's first drone-based landmine detection technology. This collaboration wasn't just about pushing the boundaries of innovation; it was about crafting a solution with the potential to save lives and restore land safely back to communities around the globe.

Architecting a Future of Safety and Precision

Our mission was clear: to develop a robust data acquisition architecture and software that could seamlessly integrate with Aerobotics 7's pioneering technology. The challenge was formidable, requiring a solution that could not only handle live data streaming but also accurately display the location of detected landmines on satellite imagery in real-time. Our answer? A bespoke interface powered by Hasura, designed to meet these demands with precision and reliability.

The interface we created was more than just a technological marvel; it was a window into the future of landmine detection. During blind trials with buried test landmines, our system demonstrated unparalleled accuracy, identifying 100% of the landmines correctly and displaying their locations in real-time on the interface. This achievement marked a significant milestone in landmine detection, showcasing the potential of combining advanced drone technology with sophisticated data processing and visualization tools.

A Partnership for Humanitarian Innovation

Working with Aerobotics 7, we didn't just build a piece of software; we contributed to a solution that has the potential to change the landscape of landmine detection and removal. Our collaboration highlights the essence of Ridiculous Engineering: leveraging technology to make a tangible difference in the world.

This project exemplifies our commitment to innovation, precision, and social responsibility. At Ridiculous Engineering, we're proud to be at the forefront of developing solutions that not only meet the technical demands of our clients but also contribute to the greater good. Together with Aerobotics 7, we're paving the way for a safer, landmine-free future, proving that with the right technology and vision, we can tackle some of the world's most challenging problems.

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